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Primary School

UPDATE: Year 5 Gets Space Seeds Sprouting

Class 5B have been incredibly busy planting and caring for their space seeds.  Here is the progress so far...

As you may know, Plumcroft was lucky enough to receive a selection of seeds to grow as part of an experiment organised by the European Space Agency.  The seeds needed to be planted and cared for, as well as being carefully monitored and measured to collect data for the ESA.  Class 5B has been working very hard in order to ensure their seeds all thrive and their measurements are all accurate.  Once the data has all been collected we will be able to find out which seeds spent time aboard the International Space Station with astronaut Tim Peake and see whether time in space made any difference to the way in which the seeds grew.  Exciting stuff!


UPDATE: View our Rocket Seeds photo album to see how the growth of the seeds is progressing.  Interestingly the plants grown from the 'blue' seeds appear to be dying off, but we still don't know which seeds were in space and won't find out until the experiment is over.