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Primary School

Plumcroft's Day In Court

Children from Years 5 and 6 got to experience a mock trial when they travelled to the Royal Courts of Justice to learn about the law and their role in society.

As part of an exciting and innovative Theatre of Law project, supported by the Mayor’s fund for London, Plumcroft's Year 5 and 6 School Council reps and the Plumcroft Debating Club recently visited the Royal Courts of Justice in London, W1.

This project, called Crime and Punishment, helps young people to understand the law and their role in society at an early age.  The children looked at crime stories inspired by real cases; learned about the consequences of crime; debated punishments and prepared and took part in their own mock trial in Court 32 at the Royal Courts of Justice.

During the mock trial, the children played the roles of the judge, the clerk and usher, the prosecution and defence barristers; the jury and the witnesses. 

The visit was concluded with a question and answer session with a barrister.