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Primary School

Swanage 2017

Year 5 are attending the Wide Horizons centre in Swanage, Dorset the week of 20th March. See below for all the latest updates.


Day 1 - Monday 20th March 2017

Setting off shortly after 8.30, 56 excited Year 5 students set off for their 5-day residential stay at the Wide Horizons centre in Swanage, Dorset.

Arriving at 1pm the children were welcomed by the centre staff, the rules of their stay were outlined and there were 56 beds that were needing to be made! Before even attempting the beds it was time for lunch. The students were shown the dining room and their lunch (with chocolate cake and fruit) was served. VIC's (Very Important Cleaners) were selected, the room was tidied up and off they all went to the classroom.


Within the classroom the children were told what the rest of the week entailed. There were loud cheers when Tuesday’s itinerary was revealed as they found out they were going to the farm and would see week-old kids (baby goats).

After the visit to the classroom the group set off for a 15-minute walk to Swanage beach. The drizzly weather had blown away and the sun had started to appear. They got to play in the sand and some of the group even braved a paddle!

A few hours passed by and the students were back at the centre ready for dinner – tonight it was fish fingers and chips. Some new VIC’s were selected and the dining room was clean again. It was at this time that the students had the mammoth task of making their own beds. The Plumcroft Staff members have never laughed so much at the student’s attempting to put duvet covers on to their quilts.

Once all the beds were made and everybody was showered, off they all went to the Games Room to watch a movie. After the movie, hot chocolate and home-made cookies were had by all and then it was bedtime…

The children are all looking forward to what adventures day 2 will bring…



Day 2 - Tuesday 21st March 2017

The day began with Mr Mulligan’s early morning workout for the boys while the girls were nowhere to be seen. Even the site staff admired the determination of the boys’ efforts.









After breakfast a hike took place around the local area and we saw some amazing views. We had our lunch out in the countryside amongst the noises and sights of nature overlooking Swanage Bay.

In the afternoon we were back at base. The students all took part in team building challenges, learning about what makes a good team. Some great words that the children suggested included cooperation, motivation and inspiration. The low ropes challenge was then set upon the group and great fun was had by all. In between these tasks the groups of students got to see some very special visitors to the site – one-day old baby lambs!

When dinner was finished and the dining room was tidied up by the VIC’s (can you remember what VIC stands for?), it was time for the smuggling talk. All students were taken into the quarry underneath the site for tall tales of smuggling exploits. Some great acting and drama skills were on show as the children had to act out some of the local legends.

Back to the dining room for hot chocolate and cookies then off to bed with lights going off soon after as there were some very tired children this evening.


We wonder what day 3 will bring….


Day 3 - Wednesday 22nd March 2017

The day began with the nominated students laying up the tables ready for breakfast.


A coach took the group to Kingswood where the children walked through the woods looking out for deer and generally enjoying nature. They were introduced to wild garlic and King Alfred’s burnt cakes, which the students learned are a natural firelighter.


After the walk through the steep woods and a snack, the students began their 12 kilometre walk over the Nine Barrow Down towards Corfe Castle. There were some stunning views over Poole Harbour and lots of wind helping to blow the children along.

At the castle, legends were told and again some students used their incredible drama skills to act out some of the parts. Some true Hollywood stars could be in the making….

Dinner time came around quickly, pie night, and shortly afterwards the students were treated to an evening of swimming. 

The dorm lights have now gone out and Day 4 is a short sleep away.


Day 4 Thursday 23rd March 2017


The weather has not been too good today. The day started with breakfast and then a short briefing of the day was held in the classroom.


The students began their trek from the centre in Swanage through to Studland. Once reaching Studland beach they then started their climb up through the hills to reach Old Harry’s Rocks.  The views were amazing, the children fought through wind and rain to see them and there was a real sense of achievement amongst the group today – they had walked over 6 miles!


After lunch, which was eaten next to a fort, we walked through Knoll beach to reach the coach that took the group back to the centre, they were just too tired to walk the 6 miles back!


The day came to an end with chips, enjoyed by everyone, from the local fish and chip shop and a movie in the film room.


It was one of the student’s birthdays today, the children sang Happy Birthday to him and he had a great day with all of his friends. They even surprised him with banners and a cake when it was time for hot chocolate in the evening.


Everyone is absolutely shattered today, from the walking, it should be a quiet night tonight once everyone has packed their cases, ready to go home.


One more sleep until home time…