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Primary School

Good Luck Year 6

The staff at Plumcroft School would like to wish the very best of luck to the Year 6 leavers of 2018. 

Below are the students memories and the Year 6 leavers video.



In Nursery, I remember that D, P, S and I would always fight over who could play with this dolly.  One day, I’d had enough and decided I was having it for myself, so I snatched the dolly off D and hit her over the head with it!  Luckily we’re still friends!


One of my memories from Nursery was that K and I used to sometimes swap places and pretend to be each other – no one ever noticed!


I remember in Nursery when P and I were playing cars; we both looked up at the same time and banged our heads together.  We both cried for absolutely ages.




On the first day I joined Plumcroft, I remember being so scared that I didn’t let go of my mum.  We were in the Nithdale playground and all the other parents had gone, but I was still hiding behind my mum.  I did eventually go into class!


I remember being very quiet and shy in Reception and I didn’t really like to talk to my teachers – in fact one day a Year 1 girl pinched me and I didn’t tell my teacher as I was too scared.  I think I’m a bit chattier now!!


I remember in Reception when M put sand on my head, so I said to her in Arabic, “I hate you.”  Unfortunately for me, M spoke Arabic and I got into big trouble.


I remember the day after Bonfire night when I was in Reception, we all had to describe the colours of the fireworks we had seen the night before.  I didn’t know what we were talking about, so when it came to my turn I said to the class, “When I was a baby, my cheeks looked like this!”


I remember in Reception accidentally cutting another child’s finger with the scissors and he had to go to first aid.  He’s left the school now!




My favourite memory from Reception is when we were doing paired work and I had no partner.  The closest thing to me was a box, so I just spoke to the box instead of telling the teacher that I had no partner.


I remember in Reception I kept falling on the same knee every day and going to first aid to get a plaster every day.  I always asked K to go with me – I think we both began to get pretty fed up.


In Reception, I wanted the first go on the carts, so I skipped nap time and asked to go to the toilet – I was actually outside playing on my favourite cart, having the time of my life.  I got busted in the end.


In Reception I was bursting to go to the toilet, but unfortunately I didn’t make it!  The teachers gave me another pair of trousers and underpants – which had monkeys on them.  The funny thing is, I still have them at home.


I remember in Reception when I used to sleep in class, so the teacher put me in the book corner, because there were pillows there.


I remember when E and I always used to swap places.  Eventually the teacher found out - but luckily she laughed.


My favourite memory from Reception is that when we would be doing an activity using scissors, M and I used to hide under the table and cut each other’s hair.


In Reception, C and I became best friends and we started crying at exactly the same time when our mums left us.


I remember I never used to like M, because I thought she would steal all my friends away from me – luckily that wasn’t true and we became good friends.


I remember in Reception, turning around to tell M and C to be quiet, but I got into trouble for talking!  We are all friends now though.



I remember in Reception we had to think of what we might wish for.  Everyone else wished for amazing things and I just wanted an apple!



Year 1


When I was in Year 1, I remember being enemies with F.  One day in the playground I said to him, “I don’t like you because you’re stupid,” and he began crying.  However, the next day in the playground he got his own back when he said the same thing to me and I started crying!


I remember in Year 1 when we had a supply teacher and at playtime she wanted to talk to A.  A1 was angry with A2, so she locked her and the teacher in the classroom.  When they tried to open the door, the doorknob fell off!


I remember in Year 1 A and I were working together and we thought we were doing the same questions as everyone else. But when the teacher asked to see our work, we had been doing something totally different!  She laughed about it though.

I remember playing “it” with a friend; I was running at full speed, when I lost my balance, crashed into a bin, which then fell on A and B who were calmly playing tic-tac-toe.


I remember eating too much at Breakfast Club.  I started to feel quite ill and then saw my breakfast all over again on the table. It was at that moment that I realised a girl was staring at me.


One day in Year 1, I had an accident when A tripped me up.  I did a roly-poly.  I thought it was A1 and shouted at her, but then I saw A2 giggling away.


My favourite memories of Year 1 are of cooking in the community room.  I especially loved eating the treats we had made.


I enjoyed cooking lessons too – but I have a confession to make.  I stole an extra biscuit one day after we had finished cooking.



Year 2


I had a best friend in Year 2 called L, but unfortunately he had to move to Cyprus, because his dad was in the army.



I remember lining up to go to PE in Year 2 and standing beside F.  He told L and I that he was the Prince of Nigeria and we believed him.


I remember on my first day in Year 2 in the playground, playing with T – who was my first friend.  He fell off the climbing frame and said he felt no pain.  I remember thinking he was some kind of superhero – but I didn’t say it out loud!


In Year 2 we had Mrs London and we had a behaviour card system – “It’s Good to be Green.”  On the last day of every half-term, if you hadn’t been given a yellow or red card, you would get a prize – I have to be honest, I always got a prize.  So, on this particular day we were in the Genesta playground and A came up to me and pushed me into the fence shouting, “Why do you always get the prize?”  At the time I was quite frightened, but now looking back it’s funny as we’re really good friends.


I remember being too scared to go into class, so my mum took me to the door.  I was still too nervous to go in and so was my friend, so we went in together.



I remember in Year 2 in Mrs London’s class and N told me that we were allowed to draw when we had finished our work. So, once I had finished my work, I turned the paper over and started drawing – turns out that N was wrong and Miss told us off.


I remember at the end of Year 2 in Maths and everyone was using a number square, then the teacher said that from Year 3 onwards we would not be allowed to use number squares and everyone was so frightened of going into Year 3 because we didn’t know how to count without number squares.


Year 3


I remember my first day at Plumcroft and I was in assembly.  Everyone was saying “Good morning Mrs Graney,” but I misheard and thought they said Mrs Brainy!  To this day, I still call her that by accident.


When I first started Plumcroft in Year 3, I was very nervous but then A came up to me and said, “Do you want to be friends?” and then she showed me to my locker.  At playtime, A and N showed me around the school and asked me all about myself.  From that day to this, we have been best friends.


I remember in Year 3 watching a video which was an hour long and I fell asleep.  To this day it was the best sleep I’ve ever had.


I remember in Year 3 I kept forgetting which playground was which, so at playtime I would always say “Which playground is Genesta?”



In Year 3 we went on a trip to the beach; I tripped over my own leg and landed face first – so I ate some sand.  When I went to wash my mouth, my water was warm.  Not the best day!


In Year 3, Mr Edwards took some children to Plumstead Manor for a Bench Ball competition.  It was so good because we had fun with our friends.  And guess what?  We actually won the competition and I can still remember that day now.


One day my friend A and I were crawling on the floor and we bashed into each other. Being accident prone, my tooth ended up piercing my bottom lip and later on that day I banged my head on the door frame!



I came to Plumcroft in Year 3 and I didn’t get put into one of the houses at first.  Miss Green kept on giving me house points and had to keep a tally on the whiteboard as I was getting so many.  I must have earned about 80 points and when I was eventually assigned a house, everyone in Elm cheered!


It was another ordinary day in Year 3 and Mrs Burton said we were going to work on a poem. We weren’t very enthusiastic, but when Mrs Burton started to read it out, we all laughed.  It was called “The Spot on my Bum.”  I laughed so hard, so my face looked like a tomato.  To this day, Mrs Burton can still remember my face when she read out the poem.


I remember when A and I were angry with each other, so I locked her in the classroom.  We were both pulling the door so hard that we broke it.  From then on, A and I became best friends and I cried when she left.

Year 4


I remember when a new person started at Plumcroft and I lied to her, pretending that I was her best friend from “our” old school.  She must have known that it wasn’t true, but she went along with it – we are best friends for real now!!


I remember when I first joined Plumcroft in Year 4 and someone lied to me and everyone else, saying she and I had been best friends at my old school.  I had never seen her before in my life, but I didn’t know what to do, so I just played along.  We are best friends for real now!!


I remember my friend called S; he was an amazing friend but sometimes really annoying.  I cried when he left though!


I remember seeing a mouse in the classroom; I screamed and jumped on the table and started crying.  It was only about the size of a ping-pong ball.



I remember in Year 4 when a spider was on T’s back and he started screaming,” Get it off, get it off!”  By the time someone was trying to find it and get it, the poor spider was cowering on the floor!


I remember in Year 4 when S dropped her pencil on the floor.  When she went to pick it up, she screamed – it turned out there was a dead mouse on the floor beside her!


I remember in Year 4 when E dared me to kick O – I should never have listened to him because 10 minutes later, I found myself in detention!


I remember hiding under the table in Year 4 with W and we cut our hair.  Afterwards O came and asked us why our hair was so short!


I remember my first day at Plumcroft; when I came into the classroom I said my name and everyone just looked at me.  I felt shy on the inside but tried not to show it on the outside.  Now I have lots of friends to play with.


I remember when I joined this school in Year 4, I hardly spoke any English, so I just talked gibberish, thinking it was English!


Year 5


I remember in Year 5 when Mrs Burton set J, H, A and me a task to explain grid method and film it.  After what’d felt like forever, we had finally got it right, however a little girl – who obviously thought we shouldn’t have been there - decided to ruin it by bursting into the room where we were filming shouting, “I’m telling of you!” We then had to start all over again!


I remember in Year 5 when everyone was doing the bottle flip challenge and I was flipping my water bottle in class.  Mrs Burton said that if I flipped it again, she would flip it out of the window.  I didn’t really believe her, so I flipped it again – then she actually flipped it out of the classroom window!


I remember in Year 5 that I used to fight all the time with P and M, but now we are always playing together and are best friends.


In Swanage, I remember Z being afraid to sleep on the bottom bunk because he was afraid P was going to break the bed.


I remember in Swanage when the fire alarm went off and P came out in his pants and vest!  It still makes me laugh!


I remember in Swanage in Year 5 when we were swimming and I felt something touch my foot.  I thought it was a fish so I panicked and swam as fast as I could – turned out it was just someone’s foot!



I remember in Year 5 when we went to the farm, during Home School Journey. Someone slipped in the mud…But, at the farm, mud might not be mud!


On the last day of Swanage, I remember that F had lost his trousers (but he did have another pair on). Mr Mulligan made us look through all our rooms even though they turned up in his suitcase!


I remember in year 5 when I took 2 whole glue sticks and crushed them all over my hands because I like it when they dry and I can peel it off. I then couldn’t cut and stick properly and Mr Mulligan was so amazed that he took a photo!


I remember in Year 5 everyone was always dabbing.  Mrs Burton told us that if we won the Key Stage 2 attendance cup, she would dab in Assembly.  So, the next Friday it was announced that we had won – as promised, Mrs Burton dabbed!



In Swanage, I remember we looked under our beds in our dorms – we found writing and pictures, but under mine I found an unopened bag of marshmallows – you can guess what I did.  I ate them!


I remember going on a trip to the Houses of Parliament and F and I were partners.  O and his partner were in front of us.  When we got there, there were so many pigeons and when some came near O, he screamed – so now we know that O is terrified of birds!



At Swanage on the hills, the weather was so terrible that my hat blew off my head and fell down onto an animal at the bottom of the hill!


I remember during home school journey N, A and I were orienteering at Woodlands Farm.  We had to go to a forest area to find a check point. Once we had found it, we got a little lost and I was screaming but A and N just laughed at me.  I was so frightened.



I remember in Year 5 Science and we had to cut thinks out and stick them into our books; S put glue all over his hands and they were so sticky.  He then started cutting with one hand, but Mr Mulligan caught him.


I remember on school journey when we were supposed to be sleeping – we discovered that we could talk through walls!! Who knew?


I remember at Swanage when it was supposed to be time for bed, J was dancing in the hallway.  Unluckily for him, he was caught by Mr Mulligan.


Year 6


One day we were doing Literacy and I was looking at my previous day’s work; I realized it was really messy writing and Mrs Burton would tell me off for my handwriting, so I scribbled all over it so she couldn’t see and I could start all over again!


I remember arriving at Thorpe Park and heading straight to Stealth, begging F to come on it with me.  Eventually I persuaded him to come on.  On the ride, we both screamed all the way through but now he denies screaming at all and just says it was a good view.


I remember in Year 6 when we went swimming and it was free time.  I tried to drown N, S and O in the water so they started splashing me too.


This year we went to Broadstairs with Mrs Burton, Mr Witham, Miss Bell and some TAs; while we were there, we had a hole digging competition – boys versus girls.  We ended up winning and we had to go all the way down to the sea to get the water to fill it up.


I remember when we went to the beach – my best friend A and I were running away from seagulls because someone had dropped their chips near us.  We screamed a lot!



I remember at Broadstairs, when we were playing in the sea, I had to keep jumping on A’s back as the waves came in, because I was so small they were going over my head.



I remember quite recently our Broadstairs beach trip.  I had bought some chips with my own money. Unfortunately, tables in the shade were full up, so I walked out into the open and…a seagull screeched at me.  I panicked, dropped my chips and the seagulls devoured them greedily in less than 5 seconds.


I remember when we went to Thorpe Park and I went on Nemesis Inferno, even though I was really scared.


The Christmas class party in Year 6 was awesome.  We had delicious food, great games and lots of fun.  We played heads or tails and musical statues.  I only ate chocolate for the whole party which cheered me up the most.


In Year 6 I remember going to Thorpe Park and having a great time. When you see the pictures at the end of the rides, it looked like people were passing out.  S has one on her keychain now.


I remember at Thorpe Park and I almost swore when I was on Swarm, because I thought I was going to hit the billboard, but I went through the hole in the middle.


I remember when we went to Thorpe Park and I went on a really fast ride called Stealth.  I screamed so much and when I turned round to the car behind me, it looked as though S had passed out!


I remember when we went to Shrewsbury Park after SATs finished.  We had a huge football match – 6B vs 6JB.  The game was amazing, especially Z’s epic save from E.



I remember Thorpe Park.  It was so much fun because we got to go on all the rides and spend money in the shop.  My favourite was the bumper cars – I loved trying to bump into everyone.


Year 6 has been the best year at Plumcroft, because of all the memories we have made – like when we went to Thorp Park and Mrs Burton wouldn’t stop screaming on the rides.  I also loved it when the girls won the cross country competition early in the year.