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Primary School

Year 4's Victorian Day

As part of their exploration of the book 'The Street Child' in Literacy, Year 4 spent a day as a Victorian school.

The purpose of Year 4's Victorian day was to relate to the historical period that their current Literacy text, The Street Child, was set in.

The Street Child by Berlie Doherty is a story set  in Victorian London, based on the boy (Jim Jarvis) whose plight inspired Dr Barnardo to found his famous children’s homes. Each child (dressed in their Victorian costume) was given a Victorian name, and a slate and chalk!

During the day the children experienced different lessons including sketching, handwriting on slates, maths (chanting times tables), geography (The British Empire), literacy (reciting poetry), Victorian drill and games. Some of the children had the opportunity of making Victorian Lemonade and baking bread.

There were also occasional fingernail inspections and singing of the National Anthem. The Victorian teachers were super strict all day! The children also got to try an authentic Victorian lunch of bread with one square of cheese!

A fabulous day was had by all, although it seems everyone was very grateful to return to modern times!