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Primary School

Charity Daffodils Decorate Plumcroft Playground

Plumcroft pupils have been planting daffodils to raise money for the cancer charity Marie Curie

On Friday 27th March, Plumcroft got a colourful new addition to its playgrounds - over 500 daffodils!  Pupils were sponsored to grow them, raising money for the charity Marie Curie.

Pupils in each class worked together to prepare the soil and plant their daffodils.  Sometimes the different conditions they had been grown in were really noticeable. 

Can you tell the difference between these two planters?  Which ones do you think were grown by a window and which ones were grown in a place with little sunlight? 

Year 5 school council reps worked hard supporting the classes with their daffodils. They also tended to the area by the climbing frame in Genesta playground, replanting flowers from the planters. It was a really tough job as there were so many weeds but they worked really hard and it certainly paid off. 

When we return after the break we hope to see lots of blooming daffodils around the school, brightening our playground.  They will look beautiful, but please remember not to pick them! 

Recently, the Plumcroft Eco Leaders have been learning about bees.  Unfortunately the number of bees is declining and that's because there aren't enough flowers to produce nectar for them.  They are also suffering due to a reduction in the places available for them to build hives.  The Plumcroft Eco Leaders hope that these daffodils will help support the bees in our local area.

See more photos in our Daffodil Gallery.