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In the News Today: Obesity Research

For a long time health advice has told us to count calories and exercise to maintain a healthy weight; new research says the source of our calories is far more important...

A recent article published on the BBC website (Exercise 'not key to obesity fight', April 2015), suggests that whilst exercise is important in order to maintain good health, exercise is not particularly helpful in maintaining a healthy weight.  Instead, it suggests that we should focus on getting our calories from healthier sources, avoiding sugary and processed foods as much as possible.

Obviously Plumcroft supports your children to be as active as possible with at least two hours of PE a week plus a range of after-school activities available.  We also support them to make healthy food choices with our new school dinner menu, supplied by Incito Catering, and our healthy packed lunch policy, as well as cookery lessons for many children, provided by Laura's Little Kitchen.

In light of this recent research, we encourage you to talk to your children about the food they eat and support them to make healthy choices, so we can work as a team to fight childhood obesity at Plumcroft.