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Primary School

Honey Bee Swarm Creates a Buzz at Plumcroft!

When a swarm of honey bees decided to take residence in a tree in the Astro playground, Plumcroft decided to make the most of the opportunity and, with a little help from some professionals, relocated them to the Plumcroft Allotment.

On Wednesday 13th May, everyone at Plumcroft got a bit of a surprise when a swarm of bees was spotted in one of the trees in the Astro playground.

We got in touch with the British Beekeepers Association who were very helpful and put us in touch with a local beekeeper, Keith Dungate from the Ruxley Beekeepers.  Keith came and helped us relocate the swarm and they were placed in a temporary hive on our allotment (the white box you can see in the video below) ready to be transferred into a permanent Plumcroft Bee Hive.  They will hopefully start producing our very own Plumcroft Honey!

The local beekeepers will help train us and ensure we have all the right equipment to look after our honey bees. We will keep everyone updated on the website as things progress.  The bees were first put in a temporary cardboard nucleus hive, known as a nuc (pronounced "nuke") and were then transferred to a wooden one.  Eventually, they will go into a full hive.

Year 1 are about to start studying honey bees and so they will help us understand our Plumcroft honey bees even more.

Bees are a vital part of our ecosystem, so you can help support the Plumcroft honey bees by ensuring you have a range of flowering plants in your outside space.  For more information on what you can do to help Britain's honey bees, you can join the BBKA's Friends of the Honey Bee.