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Primary School

Make That Change

Please help make our school community and environment all it can be by sticking to these simple changes.












Stop parking illegally on Nithdale Road, Plum Lane & Genesta Road

Too many parents are parking their cars illegally to drop off their children outside the various school gates. These selfish actions are dangerous and inconsiderate towards others and I’d ask for it to stop with immediate effect.

Why not walk to school or leave your car at Shrewsbury Park and get some exercise ?

We are making some other changes to ‘encourage’ far more of you to walk to school but I have also asked the Council to provide me with training and authority to issue ‘on the spot’ parking fines. Whilst I wait for approval, we will be recording all illegally parked cars, publishing their make and registration numbers and passing the information to the Council Enforcement Team.

"Late Gate" moved to Genesta Road entrance

With immediate effect the daily ‘Late Gate’ will move from the Nithdale Road entrance to the main entrance in Genesta Road. The best way to avoid using the late gate is to arrive early – Gates open at 8:40am each day and ALL children should be at school by 8:50am. Please leave home early enough to get to school by 8:40am and DON’T park illegally.

Stop smoking & leaving dogs by the gates

There are a small number of inconsiderate parents who continue to smoke outside the school premises. I’d ask you to wait until you are well away from the school before smoking as it upsets and worries children.

We also have a few parents who bring dogs to school and wait outside the gates – Your dog may be friendly but a lot of children are very nervous of dogs so please be considerate and either leave your dog at home or tie them up well away from the school.

Walk to school

We have completed a detailed analysis of where everyone lives in relation to the school and the vast majority of you live very close so we’d ask you to ‘MAKE THAT CHANGE’ and walk to school each day. It’s proven that an extra 10 minutes a day of exercise will make a BIG DIFFERENCE to your general health and well-being.