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Community Carnival 2014

Last year’s Kindness Project was a fantastic success and this year Plumcroft wanted to take it one step further.  Combining our traditional annual carnival week with a project based around the importance of our local community and the acts of kindness that we can do to bring a smile to the faces of those around us, Plumcroft spent several weeks thinking about what we can do to help our local community.

Each class started by looking at a story on the theme of community.  In year groups, the children and teachers decided how they would do something to serve their local community.  Lots of hard work went into the planning and execution of these events.

Year 1 hung pompom bees and happy messages on trees in General Gordon Square in the centre of Woolwich.

Year 2 gave out hand made paper flowers in General Gordon Square.

Year 3 invited children from Greenslade and Nightingale Primary schools to a play afternoon.  They made fruity snacks and devised their own games to play with their guests.

Year 4 helped pack bags in Tesco in Woolwich.  They also sang and read poems they had written to residents in a local retirement home.

Year 5 held a community tea, making all the food themselves and putting on entertainment for their guests.

Year 6 spent time playing with our Nursery children.  Some Year 6 girls were also instrumental in the planning of a lovely Community Feast that took place in the Middle Playground with families bringing food to share and lots of people in traditional dress.

Leading up to the actual Carnival procession – this year through Woolwich town centre rather than in the Plumcroft playgrounds – the children had the chance to take part in visual and performing arts activities to prepare for the carnival itself.  FS and KS1 got to try out a variety of activities, whilst the children in KS2 had to choose a specialism for the week from art, music, dance, filmmaking, journalism and drama.  As usual, the effort the children put in was phenomenal and the results were a real pleasure to see.

Here are three short narrative videos made by the filmmaking group:









And here is a documentary about the Community Carnival made by them:



The Community Carnival preparation:



The carnival procession itself took place on Thursday 3rd July and saw us heading down into Woolwich town centre and taking up a position in General Gordon Square.  There was lots of visual art on display as well as performances from the children to watch.  The carnival was very well-received by the locals and the children represented Plumcroft fantastically well.

Community Carnival 2014