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Primary School

Kindness Project

Children in Year 4 made kindness figures out of clay.



  1. The quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate.
  2. A kind act.
kindliness – goodness – favor – favour – affability

This summer, Plumcroft pupils have been exploring the concept of kindness.SAM_2149

  • What does it mean to be kind to someone?
  • How does it feel to be the recipient of an act of kindness?
  • How can we spread a little more kindness in our lives?

So what have Plumcroft children been up to during this project?

Reception: The children have been thinking about people who help us every day. They learned about people who help us in the community, such as firemen, doctors and nurses and had a visit from a paramedic team. Tom’s dad also came to talk about the charity work he does, collecting furniture from people who do not need it any more and delivering it to people who often have nothing in their home. The children made thank you cards for people who help us. A Kindness Cafe role play was set up and the children also made a Kindness Tree, with kind things their friends have done for them written on the leaves.

The children also made kindness capes, with the help of Mary, an artist who often works with Plumcroft children, and thought about what superpower they would like to have so they could help people. They wore these in an assembly for parents, where they sang Superhero songs.

Year One:

Year 1 made an amazing banner saying “Smile, be happy!” which they took down to Plumstead Common Road to bring a little joy to the people driving past.

Year Two:

Year 2 went to Woolwich and gave out fabric flowers that the children had made. Year 2 wanted to brighten up people’s day and make them feel good. They also wanted the people receiving the flowers to pass the kindness on by either passing the flower to someone else or doing something nice for someone else. Year 2 also made Kindness puppets using wooden spoons, clay, pipe cleaners and beads which were used as the puppet’s arms. They then created their own play showing an act of kindness.

Year Three:

The children created a balloon as a kindness gift for a friend in the class. They learnt how to make a flower, a dog or a horse from a modelling balloon and wrote acrostic kindness poems. 3M worked with Usifu and created a kindness dance linked to sport, which they performed to parents and Year 4. They decorated enlarged photographs of themselves using collage techniques and added speech bubbles with words of kindness. They made shortbread and fairy cakes to sell in the cake sale.

The children worked with the healthy eating visitor, finding out how to be kind to ourselves by keeping healthy and fit. They visited the Nursery and performed a kindness show, which included singing, drama, poetry, showing artwork and finishing with Year 3 children reading stories on the theme of kindness to groups of Nursery children. They also invited children from another local primary school to come and enjoy our playground, which was so well-received that the offer was reciprocated and two Year 3 classes got to visit Nightingale School for a picnic. The children also made kindness tokens, shaped as flowers, to give to one another when they were kind.

Year Four: Dan Cockrill (a poet) helped the children create poems about kindness and encouraged them to think about themselves positively. Year 4 performed their poems to parents and Years 2 and 3. The children baked flapjack for the cake sale and participated in the three legged race with Year 3. Some children emptied recycling bins whilst others cleaned the hall for the kitchen staff. In class the children have made clay kindness figures, decorated photographs of themselves in colours that reflect kindness. They have made friendship bracelets and kindness cards which have been exchanged and made thank you posters for Ms Ings for a lovely Sports Day. Year 4 children also helped out in KS1 classes.

Year Five:

4tYear 5 children went to Tesco and bagged goods, gave out kindness tokens and generally spread a little happiness. The manager of Tesco was so impressed with the children’s behaviour and attitude that he asked them to come back the next day to hand out information about a food bank they were organising. Well done Year 5!

The children also made friendship bracelets to give to each other and made kindness t-shirts. They worked with a poet called Nick to write poems for one another, finding out the details of an event in the other person’s life that involved kindness and then putting it together as a poem expressing the emotions of the event. Some children also helped at the Kindness Cafe on the bus.

British Nigerian Jazz legend Femi Temowo came to work with Year 5 during the Kindness Project. He taught them a song in Yoruba called ‘Asiko Aye’. This song is about treating those around you with kindness. In this video, Femi and Year 5 are teaching the tune to the audience.




Year Six:

Year 6 made Kindness tokens and have been noticing kind behaviour around school, giving out their tokens to younger children as a reward. They also amused staff and pupils alike with their flash mob poetry performances.

Click on the video below to see some photos of what the children got up to: