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Help from our EP

If you clicked on this page because you were wondering what an Educational Psychologist is, then here is what you need to know:

At Plumcroft, we are very lucky to be supported by our highly skilled EP, Rachael Burton from​ who has worked with us for the past 6 years.

The main job of our Educational Psychologist is to help clarify and define the needs of our pupils who have difficulties with their learning. Our EP does this by gathering as much information about an individual child as possible, before observing and getting to know the child in class.  After this, she will consult with parents, class teacher/other staff and the SENCo to get a broader sense of what the child is like in school and at home and any relevant history.

Following the consultation, the school then receives a report giving an overview of the child's strengths and weaknesses. The report also gives recommendations for teaching strategies or additional materials to be used with the child, or advice on suitable school types.

Our EP may recommend a referral to other professionals such as a Speech and Language Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Optometrist or a Paediatrician, as well as sources of help such as the child and family consultation service.

The overall goal for working with our EP is to improve our children's experiences of learning and support them in the best way possible.


Please see below some resources from our EP:

Information from Young Minds about how to talk to your child about coronavirus

A 12 minute Mindfulness breathing exercise for kids

NHS guidelines translated into 32 languages by Doctors of the World:

he handwashing rap, 'produced to help people who have a learning disability'

T​he London Play charity are sending weekly emails with links to resources and ideas for indoor play


An example of a timetable for the day:

9.00am - PE with Joe Wicks

10.00am - Maths with Carol Vorderman

11.00am - English with David Walliams

12.00pm - Lunch (cooking with Jamie Oliver)

1.00pm - Music with Myleene Klass

1.30pm - Dance with Darcey Bussel

2.00pm - History with Dan Snow (free for 30-days)

4.00pm - Home Economics with Theo Michaels (Mon/Wed/Fri)

Non-daily events include:
Science with Professor Brian Cox, Robin Ince & Guests

9.30am Wednesday 25 March - Geography with Steve Backshall