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Learning an Instrument

nstrumental learning is a valued skill at Plumcroft. Lessons are offered throughout the school and as soon as instrumentalists can play well enough they are encouraged to join band. Children are encouraged to take a Grade exam if they show talent and are sign-posted to the Music Hub Saturday morning Music Centre.

Lessons cost £6.50-£7.00 per hour (help may be available for those on free school dinners). Instruments are available to borrow from school, on payment of a one-off £10 deposit. If you would like your child to learn an instrument please book via Magic Booking. ‚Äč

We offer the following instruments:


  • Recorder (children are encouraged to progress on to woodwind or brass in KS2)
  • Ukulele (may continue into KS2 or progress on to guitar lessons)


  • Trumpet
  • Piano
  • Drum kit
  • Guitar
  • Woodwind – flute/saxophone/clarinet


Go to the Music Tutors page for more information.