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Mathletics and ReadiWriter

Are YOU a Mathletics Gold Certificate Winner?

Everyone from Year 2 upwards has access to Mathletics, but only some children have the dedication to earn themselves a Gold Mathletics Certificate!

The Mathletics week resets every Sunday, so this is a perfect time for you to start my Mathletics Challenge… Will you be our next Bronze, Silver or Gold certificate winners?

  • Bronze Certificate – 1000 points earned in a week
  • Silver Certificate –  5 x bronze certificates
  • Gold Certificate –  4 x silver certificates (20 weeks of sustained effort!)


I would like to offer huge congratulations to the following children as they have achieved a Gold Mathletics certificate during our lockdown time 


Year 3 - Aden and Alfie 

Year 4 - Lucie and Shyarin

Year 5 - Hung 

Year 6 - Charlie, Abdulai, Kavan and Elias 


Kind regards and warm wishes,

Mr Witham