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Autumn Term

This is going to be a busy and exciting term. We hope that children settle quickly, happily and adjust to their new routines.

Our topic for this term is ‘Rhyme time and festival fun’. Please have a look at just some of the things we will be learning this term. 

Personal, Social and Emotional
  • We are going to understand and settle into the new routines of our nursery. 
  • We are going to make lots of friends . 
  • We are going to develop our confidence and independence . 
  • We are going to explore different cultures and celebrations 
Physical development 
  • We are going to develop independence when going to the toilet, washing our hands and putting on our own coat .  
  • We will begin to use different tools to make marks. 
  • We will continue to develop hand/eye coordination through a range of activities. 
  • We are going to move our bodies in different ways, developing confidence on climbing equipment.
Communication, Language and Literacy 
  • We are going to develop our listening and attention skills.
  • We will begin to listen to and join in with stories and rhymes. 
  • We will share books, discuss pictures, characters and stories.
  • We will make marks and tell others what we have drawn and written.
  • We are going to begin to learn to count to 5 and then 10 representing the numbers using our fingers, objects or marks.
  • We will begin to use the term ‘more’ when comparing quantities.
  • We will begin to recognise numerals 1 -5 and beyond. 
  • We are going to explore shapes in 2d form.
Understanding the world
  • We will make our own friends.
  • We will begin to learn about and discuss ‘special times’ for ourselves and others.
  • We will explore our nursery environment and make choices in our play.
  • We will investigate a range of technological toys and real objects i.e. a camera Expressive arts and design
  • We are going to sing rhymes and songs.
  • We will explore a range of construction materials to build.
  • We will role play and use available resources to support our play.
  •  We will explore colour and learn colour names through a range of activities such as playing with malleable activities, painting, printing and much more