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Autumn Term

Topic: All About Me

This project will provide ideas for stimulating the children’s curiosity, understanding, knowledge and imagination about themselves and their relationships with others.  Children will work in pairs, small and large groups to explore the Nursery environment. They will make new friends, take turns and to share ideas. They will engage in conversation and explore materials both inside and outside. Children will develop an understanding that playing and working together can help us to get on, build relationships and develop thinking. Children will understand the importance of self and family. They will understand that individuals and their families are unique, special and valued.

Stories we will look at this term will include:

 ‘Owl babies’ written by Martin Wadell and ‘So Much’ written by Trish Cooke


We will be tuning into and identifying sounds we can hear in our environment e.g. a phone ringing, a tap running, the toilet flushing.We will be exploring instruments, their names and the sounds they make.