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Autumn Term

Our topic for this term is ‘Traditional Tales and festivals’.

Personal, Social and Emotional

  • We are going to understand and settle into the new routines of our class and follow the rules to make our time at school happy and fun.
  • We are going to make lots of friends.
  • We are going to develop our confidence and independence.
  • We are going to learn about the different cultures and beliefs of others.

Physical development

  • We are going to independently go to the toilet, wash our hands and put on our own coat.
  • We will learn to use a pencil/pen correctly to form letters and write our name.
  • We will learn to use scissors to cut accurately
  • We will experiment with different ways of moving on the climbing frames and outside equipment.

Communication, Language and Literacy

  • We are going to listen to a range of stories and retell them in different ways
  • We will begin to learn the names and sounds of letters and use them to read and write simple words
  • We will learn to write our name and other words using our letters sounds.


  • We are going to learn to count to 10 with one to one correspondence and beyond
  • We will begin to use the terms one more and one less when counting
  • We will learn to recognise numerals to at least 10 and match them to the appropriate amount of objects
  • We will be exploring 2d shapes such as triangle, square, rectangle, circle, hexagon and pentagon.
  • We will combine amounts and say how many altogether; take away an amount from another and say how many are left.

Understanding the world

  • We will learn about different cultures and traditions
  • We will look closely at autumnal changes and develop new skills at forest school.
  • We will use a range of ICT to support our learning.

Expressive arts and design

  • We will use a variety of construction to build, sometimes for a particular purpose.
  • We will be engaging in imaginative play as well as acting out stories


Spring Term

Personal, social and emotional development
We will be encouraging pupils to listen to others and to also build their relationships with their peers further by presenting information about their family. We will also be engaging in storytelling to enable to the pupils to work well together.

Communication and language
We will be encouraging the pupils to discuss life cycles, changes they observe in the natural environment and also to develop their spoken language. We will be incorporating more vocabulary into the pupils’ day to day learning around the topics.

Physical development
Pupils will be learning how to use a wider range of equipment outside l. They will also develop letter formation through handwriting sessions.

In Literacy we will be continuing with phonics and looking more at phase three phonics. Some pupils will start to look at phase four phonics. We will be encouraging pupils to apply their phonics skills by starting guided reading in groups and by encouraging pupils to write simple sentences and or narratives.

Pupils will continue to consolidate the methods they have been using to solve number sentences. They will also begin looking at doubling and halving, money, time, 3D shapes and counting in 2s,5s and 10s.

Understanding the world and Expressive arts and design
Pupils will be looking at life cycles and will be witnessing some life cycles first hand. They will also continue to have music assemblies and be encouraged to use a range of instruments in the classroom environment.