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Year 1

Autumn Term:


Our topic this term is called ‘Toys’. We will be using a variety of fiction texts as our stimulus: Benjamin Boo, Brown Paper Bear, Here Comes Traction Man and Toys in Space. The children will be writing labels and captions, story writing and producing instructions and information pages related to these books and to toys they’ve looked at or made.


Our topic will be linked to the books we are reading and using in our literacy lessons.

In art we will be making junk model aliens and ‘cuddly’ alien toys. In science we will be looking at materials that float and sink; we will be discovering the best materials to use for a mini parachute; we will also be looking at friction and gravity. In history the children will be finding out how the materials used in toys have changed over time; the children will also make old fashioned peg dolls (with a super hero twist!) and thread spinners. We will be taking part in a toy workshop where the children will have the opportunities to play with Victorian and Edwardian toys.


This term the children will be consolidating the core number concepts learned in Reception.  This includes counting on from any number, finding one more or one less than a number to 20 and solving one-step addition and subtraction questions.  We will also begin learn how to count in multiples of 2, 5 and 10 (we will use counting songs from YouTube).




We will continue to learn about - and explore – shapes. The children will revise the names and properties of common 2D shapes; they will also learn about 3D shapes and their properties. In addition the children will learn how to describe direction, movement and position.


Spring Term:


Our topic this term is called ‘Monsters’. We will be using a variety of fiction texts as our stimulus: Morris the Mankiest Monster, Monstersaurus and The Day Louis Got Eaten!  We will also be using the children’s movie Box Trolls as a starting point for our writing. The children will be writing monster recipes, writing monster stories and making non-fiction style information posters on monsters!


This term there will be a geography focus and the children will be learning basic field skills: the children will be exploring the school and its neighbouring grounds, making maps and using basic symbols as keys on a map. The children will also be learning about compass points in order to navigate their way around their maps. We will also be making links to our monster theme – in art we will be making box troll boxes and making box troll heads out of salt dough; in design and technology we will be building box troll traps and also designing, making and evaluating enormous junk model monsters!


This term the children will continue to learn about number and place value; in addition to this we will focus on non-standard measurement (e.g. How many cubes long is the book? How many cubes does the teddy bear weigh?). We will also begin working on division (sharing) and simple multiplication in the form of arrays.                        

At home please support your child with counting in 2s, 5s and 10s and also counting forwards and backwards – many of the children find counting backwards through the 10s boundary particularly difficult e.g.  34, 33, 32, 31, 30, 29, 28…………………………..24, 23, 22, 21, 20, 19, 18…..