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Year 2 Activity Zone

Teacher Emails:

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Miss Craggs (2C) -
Miss Murfet (2M) -
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Want to send your MyOn Project response to your teacher ?

Please attach your MyOn Project responses to an email and send them to your class teacher at their email address. They will review all email responses each week. Your teacher will aim to reply during weekday working hours.

Mr. Slade will be monitoring teacher workload to ensure we are fair to everyone.

If you would like to be sent your child's Mathletics login details. Please email Miss Whytock on

Welcome to the Plumcroft Distance Learning Portal for Year 2

Welcome to the Plumcroft Distance Learning Portal. Here, you will find suggested learning opportunities for you and your families. Using these resources, you can put together a working timetable that fits your family’s commitments. 

We would like to encourage you towards certain online learning tools that we believe contain the best content to support learning in the coming weeks.  MathleticsmyON and  Renaissance (Maths in a Flash) will be our primary sources for distance online learning – these will be monitored regularly by your teachers. Teachers will be setting projects on myONthat involve both reading and writing. Within these projects, there will also be links with art, science, history, geography and DT. There will be no deadlines set as every family’s situation is different, but we will be setting new projects regularly to keep the children learning!

Many of you have been requesting timetables for home learning. Daily timetables will vary due to many variables including your child’s age, your work and family commitments and how much time you decide to spend on each activity. The timetable below is an example only and details the times of the Read Write Inc live sessions. There are set one, two and three speed sound lessons. 


Possible Activity

9am – 9:30am 

PE - Workout with Joe Wicks/ Read Write Inc set one speed sounds (

9:30am – 10am

Year one: Maths in a Flash accessed via Renaissance using myOn login

Year two: Maths in a Flash and Accelerated Maths

10am – 12:00

(not 2 whole hours of work!)

10.00am-10.30am- Read Write Inc set two speed sounds (

10.30am-11.00am- Read Write Inc set three speed sounds ( / Yoga with Miss.Whytock on Tuesdays and Thursdays or Cosmic kids yoga would be beneficial as good exercise.

11.00am-12.00- Project work on myON. You could start by reading the books from the project and then completing the writing exercises.

2pm – 3pm

Science and Art – try one of the suggested websites or use materials in your home to make/draw/build projects.

3pm – 4pm 

Coding activity or explore Purple Mash for some activities in history or geography related to the project you have been completing


Tune in to Newsround to find out what’s been going on in the world

Before bedtime

Don’t forget to read a book, either on your own or with a member of your family, for at least 15 minutes. You could also do some Helicopter Storytelling! There are some videos of this on YouTube but it is essentially where children tell you a story of their choice and you write it down word for word and then you act it out together!























Thank you for your continued support.

Kind regards,


KS1 Phase leader


Target Audience - Ideas for whole family 

Arts and crafts ideas linked to the promotion of science and nature at home

Science and technology videos and ideas for activities for the whole family

National Geographic for kids – great online tool for exploring science and nature

Crest Awards – science and technology problem solving activities but there is a small cost

BBC bitesize – now being updated, resources for learning across the curriculum

Twinkl – a resource that we often make use of in school. Activities across all subjects for primary age children. A month’s free trial when you sign in

Literacy based activities for all primary age children

Stories with David Walliams every day at 11am

Handwriting practise – cursive writing

Maths with Carol Vorderman

Free maths resources tailored to each primary yeargroup

Times Tables Rcokstars – fun learning activities linking maths and music

Cosmic Yoga – mindfulness activities for all children


Target Audience - EYFS and KS1

Bee Bot – downloadable app for computing and programming for younger children

Read Write Inc speed sounds

Top marks

Games for Literacy and Maths

Art and craft activities for younger children

Art and craft activities for younger children

Cbeebies Alphablocks – phonics and word level activities for younger children

Cbeebies Numberblocks – maths activities for younger children

Phonics play

Phonics bloom

Teach your monster to read

Teaching handwriting- Cursive Practice

Vooks- storybooks brought to life

RWI Set 2 & 3