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Year 3

Autumn Term


Children will be visiting various places to gain a wider knowledge of their local area and historical events from the past in the units Do you live around here? and Footprints from the Past. Visits will include a walk in our local area and a visit from staff at the Woolwich Heritage Centre. They will also be visiting the Natural History Museum to learn about Dinosaurs. We will give more details of each trip later in the term.

Independent learning

Your child will be asked to talk about:

  • Significant places they know in their local area.
  • Interview family members to gain a clear picture of what London was like in the past.
  • Make comparisons of the past and present.
  • Research different dinosaurs.

Parents are encouraged to discuss these topics with their child to extend their learning experiences. These discussions will allow your child to access new learning with confidence and become independent learners. 

Guided Reading

Children will have opportunities to read and discuss a range of books each day on which to build the following skills: comprehension, reading strategies, understanding of different authors’ writing styles, as well as developing a love for reading.  Your child will read books at their level with their class teacher and complete additional tasks to become a more fluent and independent reader.


Throughout the year children will be encouraged to learn their times-tables.  This will enable your child to solve a range of numeracy problems. We will be assessing their knowledge of table facts on a regular basis, as well as key skills. Bearing this in mind, additional practice at home will give them an added advantage as it will build your child’s confidence in Numeracy.


Spring Term


During the Spring term we are planning on taking the Year 3 children on a trip to the Science Museum and a local park to build on in the class learning about Magnets and Forces. For our topic trips we will be visiting The National History Museum to learn about dinosaurs. We will forward you details of this trips later in the term.

Independent learning

Your child will be asked to talk about the following topics they will be learning in school:

  • Forces and Magnets
  • Cabinet of Curiosity
  • Footprints from the past
  • Plants as a source of food and their lifecycle