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Year 5

Autumn Term

In Literacy this term we will be learning about a variety of authors, both new and familiar.  We will be teaching from the novel ‘Stormbreaker’ by Anthony Horowitz, and also from ‘George’s Secret Key to the Universe’ by Lucy and Stephen Hawking, as well as non-fiction texts: studying biographies and reports of scientists through the ages. Styles of writing will include: journalistic writing, persuasive writing, formal letters, instructions, narratives and diary entries.

High expectations are set for handwriting and presentation in all subjects. Spelling is also a priority this year, so look out for the practise lists sent home each week. Separate sessions are taught for grammar and punctuation and also for reading comprehension; ensuring children are capable of reading analytically and critically.  To support children in this, we would ask you to encourage your child to read at home daily for at least 20 minutes.


In Maths we will be continuing to teach the children new skills, whilst also encouraging their application in real life situations and problems. We will be having skill review sessions too, which will address individual children’s targets. Thorough knowledge of mental maths skills - like times tables and how they link to division – are a necessity in order to access other sections of the Maths curriculum. Please ensure your child continues to practise these regularly. Other essential skills include mental addition and subtraction facts to 10, 20 and 100 and multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000.


In Science, our first two topics will be, “Micro-organisms” and “Earth, Sun and Moon”. We will also be learning about some influential scientists. Please encourage your child to read around these subjects at home.


Other subjects will be taught this year through our topic work. This uses ideas that branch across several different teaching areas. Year 5 will begin with ‘Brainwave’ which focuses on how the brain works and how we learn.



Swimming (Autumn Term)



Tuesday 1-2pm

Friday afternoons and

alternate Monday afternoons


Tuesday 2-3pm

(late collection time at 3:30pm)

Wednesday afternoons and

alternate Monday afternoons


Thursday 1:30-2:30pm

Wednesday mornings



Spring Term

In Literacy this term, Year 5 will be reading an adaptation for children of ‘Macbeth’ by William Shakespeare and ‘Holes’ by Louis Sachar. The children will be writing recounts, poetry, stories, newspaper articles, debates, advertisements and speeches.

In Maths this term, Year 5 will be revising the four operations and exploring word problems linked with addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The children will also be learning about percentages, fractions and decimals, 3D shapes and angles.

In Science this term, Year 5 will be exploring ‘Forces Around Us’, learning about gravity, friction, air resistance, water resistance, floating and sinking, and revising previously taught learning on magnets and springs. Then, ‘Reversible and Irreversible Changes’, where the children will explore solids, liquids and gases.

In Topic this term, Year 5 will be exploring the idea of ‘Heroes and Villains’, linking our reading of Macbeth and exploring notable Kings and Queens of England.